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Kid Strong



Surgical Direction


Modern Visa

Priceless Dev




Efficient Backend Engineering, Seamlessly Powering Your Digital World

My expertise in backend development ensures that your web applications run smoothly, handling complex processes behind the scenes while delivering a seamless user experience



Crafting Engaging User Interfaces that Leave an Impression

My frontend design approach focuses on creating web interfaces that not only look stunning but also resonate with your audience, effectively merging your brand's personality with user expectations.



Elevate Your Web Operations with DevOps Excellence

My DevOps solutions are custom-tailored to optimize your web development process, ensuring that every aspect, from code deployment to infrastructure management, runs flawlessly, delivering top-notch performance.


Project Management

Efficiently Drive Your Projects to Success

With a focus on strategic planning and meticulous execution, my project management expertise ensures that your initiatives are delivered on time and within budget, meeting and exceeding your business goals.

with over

7 years

of experience

My personal journey in this field ensures that your product benefits from a wealth of expertise, resulting in a tailored and effective solution




March 2017 - Present

Modern Visa started as an improvement from in-house systems, and quickly scaled up to be a SaaS product with several agencies as clients. I am responsible for the development of the product, and the management of the team.

Code Authority

Full Stack Developer

November 2017 - October 2020

As a technology consulting firm based in Frisco Texas, Code Authority provided custom software, website, and mobile app development services. I was a part of several projects, including custom CMS, resort booking system, and e-commerce platform.


Senior Associate III

October 2020 - September 2023

As a technology consulting firm based in Dallas Texas, Dialexa provided custom software, website, and mobile app development services. I was a part of several projects, including a Biotech application, a custom CRM, e-commerce platform, and medical dashboard.

Nexrage Studios

Senior Architect

September 2023 - February 2024

Nexrage is a creative tech studio that is leading the way with an innovative point of sales system that is focused on security and Know Your Customer (KYC) best practices while also being able to scale. I was responsible for the development of the product, and the management of the team.

Bridge Specialty Group

Senior Devops Engineer

February 2024 - Present

Bridge Specialty Group is a leading insurance brokerage firm that is focused on providing the best insurance products to their clients. I was brought on to help build out their Devops infrastructure and help with the development of their new platform..

What my

Peers say

" Leo's remarkable enthusiasm and aptitude for mentoring junior engineers warrant significant recognition from management, positioning him as a promising candidate for future leadership roles. Leo excels in imparting his knowledge and expertise to junior team members, fostering an environment of confidence and openness. His approachable demeanor, constructive guidance, and valuable assistance create an atmosphere where junior team members feel empowered rather than uncertain about their ideas. It is evident that Leo possesses the qualities essential for effective leadership and should be carefully considered for upcoming leadership opportunities. "

Author: Kane Norman

" Leo is very self-sufficient and works well on his own. He is willing and able to take on challenges. He is also very willing to help and work through issues together as a team and shows a great deal of compassion towards his coworkers. "

Author: Benjamin Morin

" Leo is a very knowledgeable person about modern cloud technologies. He's also eager to jump around out of his comfort zone, and in general a fun personality to work with. "

Author: Eric Diviney

" I was struggling with debugging a pretty complicated code base in Python and needed someone to talk it through. Enter Leo. My understanding is that Python is like his 6th programming language but he found some ways to clean things up right away. He jumped in so enthusiastically and taught me a thing or two about debugging code, really going above and beyond to help. "

Author: Stephen Hage

" I have gotten to watch and collaborate with Leonardo Acosta on numerous projects and watch him excel. Leo is an exceptional, intelligent, self starting, dedicated and passionate software developer and has quickly become a valuable asset. With the multiple projects he has been placed on, he hasn’t hesitated to learn new coding languages, ask for assistance when need be, focus on the clients needs and wants for a project and even at times come up with ideas for enhancements and improvements on software builds that clients and even other developers haven’t thought of before. I highly recommend Leo to any team looking for a dedicated and passionate software developer. "

Author: Robert Rogo

Leonardo Acosta

Leonardo Acosta

Leonardo Acosta

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